I discovered this film through my friend River who discovered it through The Argonauts by Maggie Nelson, where Harry Dodge's role on this film is mentioned. I'll admit when first seeing the cover I thought they were cis guys. Apparently it showed on my face and it must've really sucked for River to show me one of his favorite film of all time and see me grimace at it (not that I hate cis guys-- I was just really excited about the promise of a butch buddy film). We watched it and I was absolutely floored, loved loved loved it. I had never gotten to see a movie like that before. Valentine was such a fun character with her steps full of prep and her witty comments and Harry Dodge kills it in this, some of my favorite acting of all time. Silas Howard also kills it of course from beginning to end with Shy's charming confidence and her shoes like cake. I'm just an overall big fan of the movie.

I know some aspects of Valentine are based on Harry Dodge's life, like him searching for his birth mother, but I can't go too much into details until I've found the exact info. I'll add it here when I found it, I think it's in his book My Meteorite.
Originally I didn't think Harry Dodge himself was cute, moreso the character he was playing was. I need to take a second to say I'm not obsessed with Harry Dodge, this isn't the purpose of this site. I'm not going to go find him or something. I'm just a guy who thinks this actor is cute. Don't bother me about that.
Anyways, I didn't think Harry Dodge was cute but I did think Valentine was. Then me and River were talking and with time I thought he was cuter and cuter, like super dreamy. Flashfoward to a month after, we're watching the next film I'm going to talk about here just because he played a character in it.


Oooooooh my god

the back of that outfit is fucking crazy to me like this whole outfit is so fucking crazy pleaase i'm going to be ill

OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDD when I tell you we YELLED when he first appeared. Dyna has the best fits in this entire film and you cannot change my mind. Later on his character gets hot with another cute butch in this film and it's just... Oooooooooh my god. I need to squee. I need to fan myself. The film itself is a lot of fun and there is so so much more eye candy in it than just those stills.

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